Timothy S.

Timothy, an early-twentysomething from Columbus, OH, is a bona fide rebel with a cause. A talented Laotian  writer and activist, he doesn’t shy away from confro... Go Deeper


Hari, a mid-twentysomething Cleveland native living in New York City, is a siren of change. But not just any change. The uncomfortable kind that requires us to ... Go Deeper


Eric, a mid-twentysomething from Milwaukee, WI, is one hell of a Human. Soul. Artist. Change-maker. He’s survived a lot. And his (invisible) scars bring and bre... Go Deeper

Caged Jock

Caged Jock (CJ), an early-thirtysomething Texas native turned New Yorker, is a sexual liberationist. Don’t believe me? Well, just check out his website (but not... Go Deeper

Brandon B.

Brandon, an early-thirtysomething from Denver, CO, is a loner with light. He’s comfortable dancing to the beat of his own drum, making up a few steps along the ... Go Deeper

Anthony A.

Anthony, an early-twentysomething from New Jersey and North Carolina, is on an unforgettable journey. To re-discover himself. To understand the force of nature ... Go Deeper


Alexey, an early-thirtysomething from Kazakhstan, has a face and spirit you’ll never forget. So, it’s no surprise he spent his first several years in New York C... Go Deeper


From the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy required in his relationship with his mother to the lack of true friendship in the gay community, Tobias, a late-twentys... Go Deeper


Joel Marriott, a late-thirtysomething from New Zealand is of Polynesian descent. He’s struggled to understand this thing we call manhood, especially within the ... Go Deeper


Marrion, a late-twentysomething from Chicago, isn’t sold on society’s standards of beauty, masculinity, or love. With him being a deep and inquisitive thinker,... Go Deeper