Anthony, an early-twentysomething from New Jersey and North Carolina, is on an unforgettable journey. To re-discover himself. To understand the force of nature he is becoming. The writer. The lover. The friend. The love child. The artist.

Like so many of us, he’s survived a lot. And it has left him with scars. But instead of running away or trying to hide, he’s committed himself to learning how to better embrace the person he sees when he looks in the mirror,  so he can be that acceptance for others.

There’s a lot we can learn from Anthony. Like the true definition of intimacy. Everything it is and isn’t. What it means to dare to be ourselves and the unfortunate consequences of such a decision. How to let our light shine in a world with shades on. The embodiment of black boy joy and the radiance of a love child.

But some lessons are better off experienced than explained. So, get to experiencing through the words and musings of Anthony, a brave soul you’re sure to connect with, be inspired by, and in some fashion, way, or form, fall in love with.

Experience Anthony’s Pillow Talk journey:


Intimacy: All of These Things. None of These Things.

The Journey: From Porkchop to Butterfly

Black Boy Joy: In the Mind of a Love Child