#WeSmileToo Campaign

"Men of color are human, like everyone else. We experience the full spectrum of emotions. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. We feel, ... Go Deeper


"I believe it is critical to initiate campaigns such as #WeSmileToo to break stereotypes. Men of color have been tagged with certain connotations due to general... Go Deeper


"As a man of color, most people assume I have this narrow view of the world, but when they talk to me they realize I have a lot more depth than meets the eye. T... Go Deeper


"#WeSmileToo is important because it shows men of color in a positive light. It proves we're more than just hip hop music and gang violence. We're intellectuals... Go Deeper


"#WeSmileToo is important to the new wave and helps shape the world in ways that haven't been done, haven't been thought of, haven't been implemented. THAT's th... Go Deeper


"#WeSmileToo showcases men of color in a different light, POSITIVELY. It proves that men of color are just like other races; we have our fun together and laugh,... Go Deeper


"Growing up I was called burnt, blackie, and all kinds of names because of my dark skin. It's something that bothered  me when I was younger, but not anymore. I... Go Deeper


"People often assume I'm either angry, scary, or even dangerous based off the fact that I'm 6'3" and a man of color. It can have its advantages, but it still hu... Go Deeper


"As a mixed male, I have been called so many names. There have been people who have put me down as a person just because of my color and what I look like. They'... Go Deeper


"Being a large black male means that, for whatever reasons, you're often interpreted as more threatening than other people, regardless of the situation. Many ti... Go Deeper