Marrion, a late-twentysomething from Chicago, isn’t sold on society’s standards of beauty, masculinity, or love.

With him being a deep and inquisitive thinker,  this is to be expected. But what makes Marrion a force to be reckoned with is the fact that he isn’t just searching for the fine print and hidden meanings, but he’s curious about what’s personally at stake for all of us, if we choose to blindly accept what society feeds us.

Marrion’s own journey pushes us to realize that the best thing we could ever do for ourselves is understand that we don’t need the labels, categories, or boxes society has prepared for us. In fact, we are already more than enough, and it’s time we were brave enough to realize it.

Experience Marrion’s Pillow Talk journey below:

Masculinity: Digging Deeper
Marrion-3-CroppedI Am Love
Marrion cropped againOwning Your Beauty