My Biggest Lesson

After 150+ hours of interviews, I often reflect on a key assumption I had before starting The Pillow Talk Project. At first, I used to think that the only men w... Go Deeper

Who Will Protect Us?

"It's time to go back to the basics, and realize that men want to be held, too. Once we all accept this, we can begin to rewrite these destructive and outdated ... Go Deeper

Boys Will Be Boys

"With the rise of millennials, we’re all realizing  that it's time to rethink the archaic and outdated dogmas of masculinity, beauty, and even sexuality. An imp... Go Deeper

Men Born Running

"My dream is that the Pillow Talk Project can be a place where you can lay your burdens down, free of judgment. A spot to call your own, ask and talk freely, ... Go Deeper

I Love You, Man (No Homo)

“Men in America are essentially friendless if we define ‘friend’ as a covenant-type partner, a soul mate, and a brother.” - Stephen Arterburn, author of The S... Go Deeper

The Bravery Intimacy Requires

Except for those brave enough to figure it out for themselves, intimacy is scary. With so many labels and categories placed on all of us, the last thing we... Go Deeper

Sprung on Intimacy

Who first introduced you to intimacy? What is the number one lesson he/she taught you about yourself? Whether the memory is tender and gentle or of heartbreak, ... Go Deeper