Timothy, an early-twentysomething from Columbus, OH, is a bona fide rebel with a cause. A talented Laotian  writer and activist, he doesn’t shy away from confrontation in the wake of injustice. And instead of just talking about the elephant in the room, he prefers to be the elephant in the room.

But behind the shouting matches with police officers and the showdowns with the attorney general is still a human. A man yearning for change and a willingness to use every talent he has to manifest it. And after those long hard battles, he, too, wants to hear, “What can I do? How can I help out? Do you need me to get you something?” The very same words he’ll utter to anyone else without a second thought.

We can learn a lot from Timothy. Like how to work down to the bone and still have something to give to those you love. Like how to learn from your mistakes, even if it takes your heart being broken in the process. Like how to redefine masculinity on your own terms,  embracing the strength found in femininity. Like how to strive to be the best man you can be, learning how to more authentically love in your own way, while reaching others.

He sounds like a great guy, right? He is. And it’s because he isn’t perfect. Nor does he want to be.

Experience Timothy’s Pillow Talk journey below:



The Journey to Re-Embracing Masculinity

My Strength Comes Through Femininity

Intimacy: Villains Need Love, Too