Joel Marriott, a late-thirtysomething from New Zealand is of Polynesian descent. He’s struggled to understand this thing we call manhood, especially within the context of the gay community.

As you’ll soon learn, Joel has a unique perspective, and what he shows us is that no matter where you might live in the world, as a man, you’re confronted with the same questions when it comes to beauty, sexuality, and relationships.

But part of understanding who you are as a man begins with acceptance of self; believing that you are special and worthy of loving others and being loved in return. However, within the gay community, self-acceptance often takes a backseat and freedom to be one’s true self without consequences becomes the ultimate paradox.

The result: beautiful men incapable of helping one another heal the deep wounds inflicted by a world struggling to accept them. But this doesn’t have to be our fate.

Joel challenges us to learn to love ourselves and love on one another, regardless of sexual orientation.

Experience Joel’s Pillow Talk journey below:


Journey of Self Discovery
Joel-Cropped-3Embracing the Ugly Duckling in Every Swan
Joel-croppedI’m Ready for Real Love