Intimacy: Villains Need Love, Too

The strongest of us are willing to not only fight battles others won’t, but often on the behalf of those who can’t fight for themselves. As Timothy explains, “We shine the light on a lot of people who play and are the hero. And how they need people ... Go Deeper

Intimacy: A Community Goal and Experience

Intimacy may look different to everyone, but there’s no doubt about its powerful role in our lives. What it requires. What it demands. What it provides. It molds, shifts, and evolves with us and our needs, creating just what we need, how we need it,... Go Deeper

Caged Jock & The Power of Embracing Your Kink

We live in a society that influences all facets of our lives. How we look. How we feel about ourselves. What we like. And, yes, even the manifestation of our sexual desire. The status quo may have a checklist of what should feel right and wrong abou... Go Deeper

Intimacy: All of These Things. None of These Things.

How often do we sit down and try to put what we’re yearning for in words? Name that thing we are drawn to and hope to build with those special in our lives. Not often. But as you’ll soon learn with Anthony, when we’re brave enough to do so, out flow... Go Deeper

Not the B*tch Everyone Thinks I Am

Greek philosopher Atticus hit the nail right on the head when he told us, “Watch careful the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.” In that sacred space, people become brave enough to be and show what they wa... Go Deeper

Sex & Sexuality: Everyone Else’s Problem

Within the gay community, slut-shaming can be downright malicious and traumatizing. So how do you learn to embrace your own sexuality when it seems to be the number one topic on everyone else’s mind? Tobias doesn’t have it all figured out, but ther... Go Deeper

I’m Ready for Real Love

Yeah, most of us have been there. The unforgettable one night stands. The one(s) who got away. And if you’re really lucky, you’ve experienced what it is also like to be both. But at some point, whether we want to admit it or not, we crave more--subs... Go Deeper

I Am Love

How do you know someone loves you? Is it because they say those three words at the climax of our favorite romantic comedies and dramas? Or is it more than what’s said, but what’s done? Marrion brings this powerful question to the foreground as he th... Go Deeper

Loving Scared

Define intimacy. What does it mean to be intimate at all? Regardless of your answer, most of us can agree that--in whatever form it takes--intimacy requires vulnerability. That means in order to really “go there,” it requires you to lower your own w... Go Deeper