This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Issa Vibe: Co-Creating Safe and Brave Spaces (All Grades)

Everyone should still sign in using the Mood Ringer. But as they sign in, they will also add to the “Issa Vibe” Session Playlist. Similar to the Mood Ringer’s goal of understanding where young leaders are showing up today, for a large number of the sessions in this series, the goal will be to lean on the power of music as convener, healer, and communicator of needs and assets to promote transformative relationship building.
The playlist can take a number of forms: young leaders can simply write the song and artist on the board or chart paper and you play in the order they are added or young leaders can utilize the list and you have one designated youth leader to be the Session DJ in charge of maintaining the queue of songs and making sure, during key moments, the music keep playing.
As young people get settled, encourage them to make sure they add a few songs to the playlist before it is time to get started.

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