Depending on the type of interview, the timeline from interview to article will vary. But it generally can take six to eight weeks to complete the first draft of the article, and then up to two weeks of revision.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect during the revision process:

Story-Level Edits | 3-5 Days

You’re  encouraged to read the initial draft with the goal of filling in any contextual gaps or information that might be missing. To ensure authenticity, each interview is transcribed verbatim, which means I don’t add any additional content, outside of language used to either connect thoughts or summarize phrases. So, this is an opportunity to read the loosely edited story and clarify or add any additional information via the suggested edits option via Google Docs.

Sentence-Level Edits | 1-3 Days

You know your story better than anyone else, which is why I always make sure the first draft is shared via Google Docs where you are able to make suggested edits, directly. Once all edits have been suggested, I’ll take a look, and approve what makes sense and ask any follow-up questions. This is also where I might have to make the executive decision to cut or reword information so that the story flows as smoothly as possible.

Final Pass (Website Preview) | 1-3 Days

This is an opportunity to read the story as I hope to publish it. So that you get the full experience, you will actually receive a preview link of the article formatted on the site–pictures and all. You will share any final feedback and I will put the finishing touches on the article so it is ready to go live.

Pillow Talk Article Goes Live | Timing Varies

This is the finish line–and my favorite part. I will chat with you about the current lineup of interviews to be published, and when I think it would be best to officially publish your interview/article so you can share it with everyone you know.