Types of Interviews & What to Expect

The time commitment for this project varies depending on your desired involvement. There are three different types of interviews, which are decided initially by the interviewer:

1) Featured Interviews – 2 Hours – Video Chat
Much longer in length and more detailed, content from these interviews generally result in 3-5 articles across beauty, masculinity, and male desire. Because of this, they are generally invitation-only. But if you know of someone with a compelling story or believe you might be a good fit, send me a message.

2) General Interviews – 1 – 1.5 Hours – Video Chat
Although still quite detailed, these interviews focus more specifically on one of the subject areas, such as beauty, masculinity, or male desire. This is usually determined in advance, but is open for discussion before the interview begins.

3) Quick n’ Dirty Interviews – 30-45 minutes – Survey or Email
Just as the title conveys, these are super quick interviews that are laser focused. Usually for the purpose of research or gathering quotes and opinions, these interviews are guided around a specific article or blog series being written. Quick online surveys fall under this category as well, which are fun, quick, and easy options for folks who want to participate, but don’t have the time for longer interviews.


Anonymity & Privacy

To ensure interviewees feel that they can be as honest, candid, and comfortable as possible, all participation in this project will be considered anonymous, unless interviewees explicitly state that they would like to be named. This is also why all participants must sign a non-disclosure agreement form before the interview, which will be emailed and signed using an authorized email signature.

Final Product

Content from interviews has a number of different uses, ranging from social media (blog posts and social media posts, articles, marketing campaigns) to art exhibits (in conjunction with related still photography, audio, and/or video) to being featured in print (Pillow Talk related brochures, books, handouts). However, all text from interviews will be approved by participants prior to use on social media or outlets/materials available to the general public.

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