So, you’re interested in The Pillow Talk Project, eh? Fantastic! Here’s a quick overview of our formal interview process:

Complete the 7-Minute Pre-Interview Survey

This is a quick survey you’ll complete before the official interview that will give me some basic information about you that will be super useful in figuring out the best way to conduct your interview. If you’re being interviewed for research or a blog series, there may be other quick surveys you may need to complete.

Schedule Your Interview

After we’ve confirmed your interest in being interviewed, I will send you a link that will allow you to reserve an interview slot at a time that works best for you. Not sure how long the time slot should be? Review the types of interviews that are available.

Please Note: To maintain the integrity behind the content on this site, no compensation is provided for interviewees. We believe that all stories are of equal weight and value, and that being able to share your story via The Pillow Talk Project is a mutually beneficial opportunity for everyone involved. 

Prepare for Your Interview

Whether this is your first interview or you’re a pro, I strongly encourage you to check out a few tips on how you can best prepare. And once you’ve done that, read what others had to say about their interview experience, explore some of the many interviews, and skim through the blog.