Jarren Simmons, a late twentysomething from the West Coast, is of African and European descent.

A 6 foot 3 former football player at Yale who got his bachelor’s in graphic design, he’s more than meets the eye, and he knows it. And as you’ll soon find out, he’s aware of his beauty and large stature–not to mention the benefits and privilege it affords him.

But where many men have spent their entire lives trying to fit within society’s claustrophobic box of what it means to be a man, Jarren continues to push against that very definition, constantly asking why. As a result, he shows us all why the journey of self discovery is just as important as the destination.

“I just want to be a man that I can be proud of and that my kids and family can be proud of, too,” he explained during his interview. “Even if I don’t meet society’s definition, I want to meet the definition of those I care about about the most.”

Experience Jarren’s Pillow Talk journey:

Far From One-Size-Fits-All
More Than a Means to an End
An Oppressive Standard