Gordie Holt, a late thirtysomething from the West Coast and the South, is an African-American of Native American descent. He has beauty, but what stands out is his optimism and warmth.

To say he’s lived an exciting life would be an understatement—he spent 10 years as an exotic male dancer. But as you’ll soon find, Gordie’s undying curiosity means not only that he’s just getting started, but that he’s dedicated to the kind of soul searching that leads to a powerful transformation of the mind, body and soul.

And if the heart held the key to healing our increasingly confused and chaotic world, Gordie would be a prime example of what we should all strive to be: a humble, warm and passionate force with the power to change all those around us.

Experience Gordie’s Pillow Talk Journey:

The Ultimate Masquerade
gordie-2Being Little Daddy
gordie-4A 10-Year Ph.D. in Sex
gordie-3The One-Room Mentality