Brian Waldron, an early twentysomething from the Bronx, is of Guyanese descent. If you ask him directly, he’ll say he isn’t anything special–just a regular guy. But there’s so much more than meets the eye.

An aspiring model and certified go-getter, Brian is as curious as he is motivated to better understand the world around him. If society says that most men are incapable of intimacy, Brian would be proof that society doesn’t have a clue. Instead, he shows all of us that real men feel; they hurt and yearn to be loved and appreciated like everyone else.

Perhaps Brian is right when he say’s he’s just a regular guy, which is why we need to rethink our own definitions of what it means to be regular, and most importantly, a man.

Experience Brian’s Pillow Talk journey: 

Feeling the Pressurebrian-1So Good It Hurts