Tristan Eastman, an early-thirtysomething from New Jersey and the Caribbean, is of Guyanese and Trinidadian descent.

When you first meet him, the first thing you’d probably notice is his beauty. Next, that he’s at once approachable yet mysterious and reserved. You wouldn’t notice that despite his skin being the perfect hue of dark chocolate, he wasn’t embraced by the black community.

In fact, they were his prime tormentors growing up. You wouldn’t notice that like so many men of color, he didn’t have a consistent male figure to show him what it meant to be a man. So, he learned it on his own, making it up as he went.

He isn’t one to talk too much about his feelings, but if you listen closely, you’ll realize he’s a dynamic, heartfelt storyteller who has a lot to say when it comes to beauty, masculinity, and relationships.

Experience Tristan’s Pillow Talk journey:


The Journey to Acceptance
tristan-4Something Like Manhood
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