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  • Hey, Heyyyy, Haaaaay (The Welcome)

As people enter the space, everyone should sign-in via the Mood Ringer. By everyone, we do mean everyone, including visitors of all ages, adults—yes, even you—providing the following:
1. The name they would like to go by
a. Nicknames are encouraged but not required
2. An emoji and/or words (or sounds) that conveys the emotions they are feeling today as they arrive in the space.
3. Once everyone has signed in, either leave the sheet near the door for late-comers or, as late- comers arrive, hand the sheet to them to complete.
Now that everyone is seated, ask for two volunteer Mood Keepers, youth leaders nominated to check everyone’s emotional “temperature” before they leave. The Mood Ringer can also be a tool for tracking youth leader morale and responses to session over longer periods of time.
At the end of the workshop, the Mood Keepers will take the Mood Ringer Sign-In Sheet back around to each person to sign out via emoji and/or words and will also ask: “Did you get what you needed today?” and/or “Do you feel better?”