Dwayne Cook, Jr.

Dwayne is a late-twentysomething Houston native growing more comfortable in his skin and the man he is becoming. An artivist in more ways than one, Dwayne is i... Go Deeper

The #WhenMenDance Campaign

When we think of sports considered rigorous, intensive, and masculine that sculpt and chisel the body into unstoppable pillars of manliness, dance is often cons... Go Deeper

Andre C. Drummond

Andre is a mid-twentysomething Queens native shaking up the world for the better through the power of dance. An artivist since junior high, Andre has had an un... Go Deeper

Quinton Guthier

Quinton is an early-twentysomething Wisconsin native teaching us the beauty of being imperfectly human. A conscious and reflective artist in more ways than one... Go Deeper

Juan-Pablo Alba Dennis

Juan-Pablo is a mid-twentysomething Trinidad and Tobago native in New York City changing the way we see dance and each other. A movement-builder in more ways t... Go Deeper

Michael Lubbers

Michael is an early-twentysomething from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and he’s discovering all that dance has to offer. A movement-leader, even if he doesn’t quite ... Go Deeper

Vivake Khamsingsavath

Vivake is an early-thirtysomething Lao Brooklynite proving the power of dance, fearlessly. A reputable choreographer and dancer, Vivake knows exactly why he fi... Go Deeper

Christopher Bráz

Chris is a mid-twentysomething Detroit native that is redefining fearless and leaving his mark in dance. Unapologetic in more ways than one, Chris believes the... Go Deeper

AJ Libert

AJ is an early-twentysomething Pittsburgh native exploring everything that dance has to offer, and enjoying himself in the process. Learning the many ways danc... Go Deeper

Nathaniel J. Hunt

Nathaniel is a mid-twentysomething Maryland native who knows a thing or two about dance, and its ability to change the way we see ourselves and the world. For ... Go Deeper