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If you haven’t already, read the great things people are saying about The Pillow Talk Project and how it is changing their lives:

The Pillow Talk Project has been a vehicle where I can open my mouth, strip my clothes off, and run around in the rain and not care, figuratively speaking.It has been the thing–the factor that helps, the cherry on top–that has helped me realize it’s time to stop caring about what other people think.” – Cameron

As men, especially black men, we don’t really embrace each other for who we are, what we do with our lives, or even how we perceive each other. We don’t express. The Pillow Talk Project opens up the discussion. Within that, we are able to say things we don’t in front of other men, family, teammates, peers.” – Z. A. C.

“I don’t think men get a lot of opportunities in our society to open up, in general. We’re conditioned to be strong and silent–that’s how I grew up. To open up a dialogue about these topics is important because we don’t get told that it is okay to do so. Not only do I think it will be cool to see what comes out of The Pillow Talk Project  personally as a reflective experience, but I’m curious to see what other men are thinking and saying in their interviews.” – Jarren

The Pillow Talk Project  embraces men in a way that society and a lot of women don’t. They all think we’re hardcore with no emotions, but there’s a different side. We are soft, emotional, and we do have feelings. We are genuine people. The website features average guys with a huge story to be told, and it releases their story so it can be read by the world.” – DeAndre

The Pillow Talk Project is a voice that says, ‘This is the other side of black men, beauty, and masculinity.’ With this project, I saw something different. I saw the voice. Just from paying attention. I haven’t known a lot about it, but I when I have seen it breeze by on Facebook, it just reminded me of what my experience was and how there are levels to what blackness is, a black male is, and what we’re expected to be.” – Eric