Jemille, a late-twentysomething New Yorker, is on a quest. And although it’s quite possible he might slay a few dragons and save a few lives, metaphorically speaking, the true fight is with himself.

After years of feeling like an ugly duckling, Jemille is skeptical about the swan he’s become, struggling to see the beauty that others see. But this is far from a sad story. It isn’t that he hates himself. It isn’t necessarily that he’s depressed. He just wants to really understand this thing we call beauty and its relationship to intimacy and what it means to be a man.

And he has some brilliant ideas that all lead to one surprising conclusion: all roads should lead back to embracing and loving ourselves, no matter how beautiful, manly, or intimate we think we are. Otherwise, we’re fooling ourselves.

Experience Jemille’s Pillow Talk Journey:


Beauty: It’s Complicated

A Real Man: Embracing Oneself, First?
Intimacy: A Warm Reassurance