Featuring stories of male dancers and choreographers around the country, the #WhenMenDance campaign explores the experiences of men in dance, while revealing their own complex relationships with masculinity and the transformative power of dance to reimagine themselves and the world around them.

The Goal

Explore the experience of male dancers, as they fearlessly share thought-provoking stories and experiences

Diversify the way male dancers and choreographers are represented, revealing the many ways they, too, embody and challenge traditional notions of masculinity

Reveal the power of dance and its ability to act as a form of social resistance, while inspiring change both on and off the stage

Join the Movement

Share Your Story | Male Dancers & Choreographers

The #WhenMenDance campaign is created to share the stories of current or past professional male dancers and choreographers from all backgrounds.

If you’re interested in potentially being featured in this campaign, please click the link below to complete the pre-interview application after reading the guidelines below. Please Note: All applicants will be screened to ensure the campaign reflects men from all backgrounds and interests. 

Apply for Campaign

A few things to keep in mind:

All specialties are welcome and encouraged to apply, from krumping to voguing to ballet to jazz to hip hop to salsa 🙂

Must reside in one of the following cities where we will be shooting: New York City (and those in the tri-state area), Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston (those in surrounding cities welcome).

Must provide a link to a dance/choreography reel or video of you dancing or pieces you’ve choreographed.

Nominate a Dancer/Choreographer

We know that we the best way to find about the amazing dancers and choreographers around the country is to learn about them from the people who know them best.

So, if you know of a dancer and/or choreographer who would be a great fit for the #WhenMenDance Campaign, click the link below to nominate them, and we’ll handle the rest:

Nominate a Dancer/Choreographer