Matthew Perez

Matthew is a mid-twentysomething Bronxite using dance as an act of social resistance. A change-maker in more ways than one, Matthew is a dancer, choreographer,... Go Deeper

Cole Mills

Cole is an early-twentysomething New Jersey native rightfully ensuring we see professional dancers as more than art, but a new breed of athletes. A thought- an... Go Deeper

Nicholas Katen

Nicholas is a mid-twentysomething Oregon native rightfully shaking things up in New York City. A member of Company XIV, a baroque-burlesque dance company based... Go Deeper

Gregory Blackmon, Jr.

Gregory is a late-twentysomething Chicago and Gary native pushing possible and channeling passion one step at a time. A mover and deep thinker in more ways tha... Go Deeper

Wendell Gray, II

Wendell is an early-twentysomething Atlanta-raised, New York City-made dancer who shows us what it really means to feel and be vulnerable. A legitimate inspira... Go Deeper

Addison Ector

Addison is a mid-twenty something California native breaking boundaries in New York City en pointe, literally. The embodiment of fearlessness in more ways than... Go Deeper

Kelly Marsh, IV

Kelly is a late-twentysomething St. Louis native giving New York City all he has to offer. If you asked why he dances, he’ll respond quite honestly, “ I fell i... Go Deeper

Gabriel Hyman

Gabriel is an early-twentysomething Virginia native becoming his best self in New York City. Incredibly shy when you first meet him, he completely and confiden... Go Deeper

Joshi Martina

Joshi, a mid-twentysomething from Amsterdam, Netherlands, is the true embodiment of heart, passion, and dedication. Surrounded by movement and music at an earl... Go Deeper

Devon Louis

Devon is an early-twentysomething DC-raised, New York City-made dancer who has a powerful message for the world: men have feelings, too. An artivist in more wa... Go Deeper