The bulk of content on The Pillow Talk Project is written. As a result, we are always looking for passionate, thorough and meticulous researchers, writers, and artists from a variety of disciplines to share the powerful stories of men–and those who love them. In order for the words to be powerful, they must use powerful imagery, figurative language, and evoke powerful emotions from our readers.

All contributors should keep the following in mind before submitting a piece or story:

–> we are most interested in pieces that either present new research, perspectives, or conversations around Pillow Talk related themes and/or build on what already exists, suggesting new alternatives, solutions, and courses of action

–> although we are more than interested in publishing op-eds and personal stories, we are unable to compensate authors for these works. To maintain the value and authenticity of the fearless personal stories on the site, we don’t pay for such works to avoid giving the impression that some stories are more valuable for others.  But even though we may not be able to pay, we will market the hell out of it for you 🙂

–>our goal is twofold:
——–> share fearless stories of men–and those who love them–in order to push the world to rethink not only how we see men, but the archaic, violent, and dangerous archetypes of masculinity that adversely affect all of us, especially women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.
——–> rediscover the power of everyday intimate conversations while reclaiming the kitchen counters, living rooms, patios, porches, living rooms, and bedrooms and create safe(r) spaces for heartfelt conversations, learning, and growth that act as catalysts for larger, systemic change

–> all pieces submitted to The Pillow Talk Project will be edited with the goal of making them as strong as possible, so contributors must be open to working with our editors
–> pieces should be original, adequately citing and linking all sources
–> pieces should not be republished anywhere on the web without written permission from The Pillow Talk Project, including on personal social media outlets and portfolios before confirmed publish date
–> Contributors represent and warrant that they have all rights to grant us to publish their stories–no other rights from any third party will be necessary


Contributors will be compensated for original pieces of work (including research, book reviews, music and film analysis, as well as articles quoting or showcasing an artist’s work) as follows. Opinion pieces will be funded on a case-by-case basis, depending on the qualifications and expertise of the author:

–> articles (500-800 words) with light research citing (<5 sources), $40 per article
–> articles  (800-1200 words) with heavy research (>5 sources), $60-125 per article

Note: We’re always looking to engage our readers in other ways outside of traditional blog posts, so if you’re interested in submitting another form of writing, such as poetry, creative nonfiction, even performance art (spoken word, etc.), email [email protected] with subject line, “Creative Form Writing Submission) and we can determine a specific price based on fit, length, etc.

Become a paid Pillow Talk written contributor by emailing [email protected] with the subject line, “Written Submissions” and:

–> one paragraph (5-7 sentences) pitch of the piece
–> 20-word bio (see example)
–> a high resolution jpeg of yourself
–>link to following, if applicable:
—–> website
—–> email
——-> twitter
——–> instagram