The bar for photography/video submissions on The Pillow Talk Project is high, so all photographers/videographers interested in having work commissioned by us must have a strong portfolio.

There are four ways we like to use photography on The Pillow Talk Project website:

–> images featuring Pillow Talk interviewees
–> stock photography  meant to embody or accompany blog posts or article
–> images capturing the magic at our small events
–> photo/video stories/essays or campaigns that explore specific themes around race, beauty, masculinity, or male desire (relationships, intimacy, love, sexuality)


–> interview photography ($50 per 2-hour shoot, 4-6 edited images)
—> event photography ($100 per 2-hour event, 15 edited images)
–> stock photography ($5 per image, up to 10)
–> Photo stories/essays/campaigns up to $50 for up to 10 images, if selected. Video rates will be negotiated based on length and quality of proposed project and estimated production hours

Become a paid Pillow Talk interview, stock image, or event photographer by emailing  [email protected] with the subject line, “Freelance Photographer” and:

–> one paragraph (5-7 sentences)  introduction of why you think you’d be a great fit
–> link to website, portfolio, and/or instagram featuring related images

Become a paid Pillow Talk photo/video essay/story/campaign contributor by emailing the following to  [email protected]  with the subject line, “Photography Essay/Story/Campaign” and:

–> one paragraph (5-7 sentences) pitching concept of story, essay, or campaign
–> link to existing websites, portfolio, and/or instagram page
–> link to a Pinterest (example) or Google Drive mood board (example), if the campaign has not been shot OR a varied choice of edited images (3-5 minimum) in small jpegs

Note: no need to have a specific layout or order as our team will do this, if the story, essay, or campaign is accepted. You can share a suggested order, but be open to it being changed

Also, keep in mind, the following before sending your images:

–> series needs to represent a variety of images with different crops and angles
–> once accepted, each image will need to be at least 1400 pixels width
–> images must demonstrate vision, execution, and invoke powerful  emotions, showing new and powerful ways to represent men–and those who love them–while redefining what it means to be a man and the power of everyday intimate conversations
–> make sure images fit The Pillow Talk Project vibe (see TPTP moodboard)
–> images need to be exclusive to The Pillow Talk Project and not published anywhere else, including your personal website and social media. Outtakes or other content should not be shared until the series is officially published on the Pillow Talk website

Note: If you are interested in having an existing series featured on The Pillow Talk Project, email [email protected] with subject line “Existing Photo Project Feature”, along with a paragraph about project and links to images.