In such uncertain times, we’re in dire need of radical self love, unity, and support, especially within the black community.

Enter, #WeSmileToo – The HBCU Edition, a yearlong national marketing campaign dedicated to uplifting the voices of students of color at HBCUs across the nation as they share powerful stories that push us to rethink beauty, masculinity, and racial stereotypes.


Some things have changed in the past few decades. But there are many things that have not, such as the stereotypes that cling to the bodies of people of color. And as meccas of learning for our people, HBCUs feel the consequences of these stereotypes in many different ways, including fundraising challenges and a lack of positive media coverage at the national level.

But in the words of a great gentleman from last year’s #WeSmileToo campaign, “We are more than where the world has decided our value stops. We are magic. Through trial and error, we find ways to continue being strong through adversity and showing who we really are.”

And with the strength of over 1,000 students of color at HBCUs around the country, one thing will become clear: We are magic. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. We are more than the stereotypes society has for us, and then some.

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The Goal

Uplift the voices  of 1000+ HBCU students around the country, while continuing to spread hope, radical self-love, unity, and positive action in the age of Black Lives Matter and social justice awareness nationwide.

Join the Movement

Photography: Gioncarlo Valentine

If you’re a student at an HBCU and you’re interested in bringing this campaign to your institution, then you only need to believe one thing: teamwork makes the dream work.

Below are requirements for bringing this exciting campaign to your campus:

1 student contact person who will help coordinate this campaign on his/her campus and will secure a student guide for us around the campus for the shoot.

1 current HBCU staff/faculty/administrator contact person who will help support in coordinating logistics such as a classroom where everyone can gather for the shoot, and necessary permissions, etc.

A minimum of 20 (maximum of 40) students who have completed the #WeSmileToo HBCU Edition pre-interview/shoot survey and who would like to be considered for the shoot. (Note: The list will be vetted by us to ensure it represents a diverse group of students across interests, extracurricular activities, and class years.)

Once officially selected for the campaign, each student must pay a $50 campaign fee (within 2 weeks of the shoot date), to secure your spot in the campaign

This cost covers:

Travel and photography expenses for our team

A campaign profile page showcasing images and interview

Access to images used in this campaign for personal use, valued at $250

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