Tyler, an early-twentysomething from a suburb north of Detroit, has big dreams of being a musician.

But not just any musician. The kind that uses his own vulnerability to make you feel. But not just any feeling. The feeling you need to keep going, even when you don’t know why you should.

That’s because once you manage to see beyond his striking beauty and subtle charm, you’ll see the real him: the man who has doubts and knows how it feels to be lonely, too.

In his own way, Tyler is pushing us to realize our own potential to love, feel, and embrace the true beauty in ourselves. But he also inspires us to do something even greater: to step up and use our gifts to do the very same for others.


Experience Tyler’s Pillow Talk Journey:


A Lonely Kind of Beauty
The Intimacy that Keeps Going

Hear Me. Feel Me. See Me.