Terrence, a late-thirtysomething who lives in the DMV area, knows what it means to support those he cares about.

An activist, super-connector, and socialite, he can fill up a room with his charm and warm personality. But there’s more to Terrence than his warm smile.

Now in his late-30s, Terrence is at a special time in his life where the biggest challenge before him isn’t helping others, but being brave enough to help and re-discover who he is and what he deserves.

And as he reflects on all that he’s experienced up until now, Terrence teaches us that the best thing we could ever do for those we care about, is to be fearless enough to get to know, love, and treasure, ourselves.

Experience Terrence’s Pillow Talk journey:


Finding Myself, Again
More Than the Clothes You Wear
Men Have Emotions, Too