The Storyteller, a late twentysomething from the midwest, is an African-American of Creole descent.

His warm energy and kind smile are at once disarming and alluring. At the superficial level, he seems to have it all: the beauty, charm and limitless potential.

But as you go deeper, you learn that the power behind his eyes is one that is familiar, but rarely told in its entirety—a story of longing, self-acceptance, heartbreak, and inner struggle, but also of hope, strength and determination.

If the eyes are a gateway to the soul, then in his you will find a mirror that leaves you exposed and vulnerable, recognizing the role in how our past enslaves and liberates us.

Experience The Storyteller’s Pillow Talk journey:


Memories that Bind
Yearning for Love and Intimacy
The Best Named Desire
The Perfect Son