Sheepy, an early-twenty something aspiring model living in Atlanta is of Caribbean (Dominican Republic) and Middle Eastern (Lebanon) descent.

And if you think his beautiful, waist-length locs are the most interesting thing about him, you’re sadly mistaken. Growing up in a southern town, he stuck out like a sore thumb with his big, curly afro.

There, not only did no one look like him, but he struggled to fit in, eventually straightening his hair and embracing the skater dude look.

But when he morphed into an adonis with locs, things changed drastically as he went from a “weird, foreign-looking boy that girls didn’t like” to the center of attention, learning invaluable lessons about beauty and masculinity along the way.

Experience Sheepy’s Pillow Talk journey:


The Beautiful Weirdo
If It’s Different, It’s Gay