Franklin, a late-twentysomething Asian American of Taiwanese descent, knows what it’s like to juggle two cultures while sometimes not feeling like you belong to either.

He’s also painfully aware of the negative stereotypes people blindly agree with and confidently discuss as if they hold merit. But instead of trying to fit within the claustrophobic labels forced upon him and all other Asian men, Franklin does something different.

He not only proves to us the value of finding your own strength and path, but that if we do choose to believe the stereotypes that Asian men are effeminate, passive, and not well endowed, we’re not only making fools of ourselves but missing out on some of the sexiest men out there, due to our own ignorance.

Experience Franklin’s Pillow Talk journey:


The Boy with Two Tongues
More Than Your Stereotypes
We Need. We Crave. Intimacy.