Martin, a mid-thirtysomething who was raised in both New York City and the Dominican Republic, is a revolutionary in his own right.

Having spent most of his life feeling like he was forever falling short of what was expected of his as a man, he never broke. He never gave up. Instead, he showed himself and everyone around him that self-love is the best and most important love.

He held on to his kind, loving, and compassionate nature, continues to push for love and unity. And even though he struggles to embrace his own beauty and to silence the naysayers in his head that argue he will never be good enough to be loved, Martin is a powerful example for all men, especially those who identify as male-bodied but genderqueer.

He proves that even if it feels like there’s a million reasons coming from everyone else why you shouldn’t be who you are, there’s one opinion that usurps them all: yourself. And if you’re brave enough to embrace who you are, you can dare the world to catch up.


Experience Martin’s Pillow Talk Journey:


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