LaQuann, an early-twentysomething who lives in New York City, stands out from the crowd.

And although his beauty and wonderfully lush afro might be the first thing that catches your eye, it isn’t the only reason. A keen observer who is comfortable with listening first, LaQuann embodies a quiet confidence that you immediately realize  didn’t happen overnight, but was the product of soul searching at young age.

What really tops the cake, is that he is deeply curious about all things related to masculinity, which he explores through photography and modeling on his blog, Lackwhen.

As you’ll soon learn, a powerful teacher, example, and friend in this process has been his father. And although their relationship hasn’t  always been easy, both are reaping the great rewards that can only come from accepting and embracing one another for who they are, while making room for the powerful men they are to be.

Experience LaQuann’s Pillow Talk experience:


Me, Masculinity, & My Father