Keon, from Jamaica, Queens, is a survivor in his own right.

At first glance, his cool demeanor, strong features, and gentle smile might give you the impression he’s got it all figured out. But he’ll be the first one to let you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

And as the stories come out just above a whisper about being tormented in junior high school, his battle with bulimia, and the crippling depression that followed, you realize that there is such as thing as  beauty in the struggle. Not because of what he went through but because of the strong man it created.

The man who not only learned to love the skin he’s in, but to embrace everything–from the way his body moves to his facial expressions to the thickness of his nose–as proof that he is special, beautiful, and worthy of everything life has to offer.

Experience Keon’s Pillow Talk Journey:


Bulimia & the Fight for My Life


Masculinity: The Sword. The Chisel.