Jamaal, an early-thirtysomething who lives in Los Angeles, California is the perfect example of what it means to know the power of your testimony.

With warm, bright energy like the sun, it would be easy to believe he’s always been that way. And perhaps, to a degree, he has. But as you’ll soon learn, he’s had more than his fair share of peaks and valleys to get to where he is now.

In the beginning, he had a very simple goal: to become a saxophone player in middle school so people would like him. But an epic first impression of a band teacher  kickstarted his journey from tuba player to college football star to model and CEO of his own clothing line, Stay Blessed.

In more ways than one, Jamaal shows us that sometimes we really have no idea where our journey is meant to take us. But that if we trust the process–and the humbling moments it requires–we’ll be just who and what we’re meant to be.

Experience Jamaal’s Pillow Talk journey:


From Tuba Player to NCAA Football Star to Model
jamaal-4Growing Pains: A Dream Deferred