Hany, an early-twentysomething Pennsylvanian of Lebanese and Venezuelan descent, is an unforgettable storyteller.

After he explains how to pronounce his name–like Danny but with an “H” instead of a “D”–you’ll find yourself immersed in deep conversation without even knowing how you got there. But also never wanting it to end.

In a way that only he can, he bares his soul, taking you on a journey to his deepest, darkest moments, and you instantly realize that the beautiful man before you is more than just a pretty face.

He’s the little boy that was afraid of being different. He’s the rebel who had to hit rock bottom. He’s the man brave enough to be vulnerable. He’s the lover that’s survived a necessary heartbreak.

Simply put: he’s Hany. Nothing more. Nothing less. And that’s all we could ever hope for.

Experience Hany’s Pillow Talk Journey:


From Rebel to Rock Bottom to Greatness
Beauty and the Fear of Being Different
Intimacy: A Connection. A Vibe.
A Necessary Heartbreak