DeAndre, a late-twentysomething now living in New York City, is certainly more than meets the eye.

A bundle of warm energy, he’s sure to light up a room. But that doesn’t mean his life has always been easy. Beneath his bright smile and striking features is a young man yearning to feel comfortable in his skin.

We never say it, but it’s easy to look at those we consider beautiful and assume they have it all. But DeAndre teaches us that the more beautiful, perhaps the less we know. And the less we know, the harder it is to truly understand the person underneath.

As you’ll soon learn from DeAndre, not every beautiful person sees themselves the way we see them, and their beauty certainly  doesn’t mean life, love, or relationships will come easy.

Experience DeAndre’s Pillow Talk journey:


Seeing What You See
True Intimacy: The Antidote for Insecurity
The One that Got Away