Arick, an early-twentysomething Taiwanese American, is bold in more ways than one.

With a beautiful mind that doesn’t shy away from the hard questions, he ponders his own epiphanies, discovering quite intimately what it means to feel and be beautiful, as well as a great romantic partner.

And if that isn’t enough, he’s at a wonderful point in his life where he is simply looking to redefine what it means to be free, fearlessly.

For so many of us, Arick represents both a breath of fresh air, and a firm, swift kick in the caboose, reminding us that everything isn’t what it seems, which is why we must pick it apart and be brave enough to put it back together, in a way that makes sense to us–no holes barred.

And when you’re done reading his lovely articles, feel free to follow him on Instagram: arickwong.

Experience Arick’s Pillow Talk journey:


Free: Body. Culture. Beauty. Self.
Re-Thinking Monogamy