Adam, a mid-twentysomething of white and Korean descent, has thought a lot about how he’s become the man he is today.

From rethinking his own standards of beauty to delving deeper into his own past to better understand how it has affected his present, Adam fearlessly re-imagines beauty, masculinity, relationships, and sexuality on his own terms.

And he does so with a thoughtful candor, never shying away from even the most painful of memories in an effort to inspire and teach us all about the importance of conquering our biggest fears.

Adam leaves us with one lesson: we are more than enough, and instead of waiting for everyone to acknowledge it, we should be brave enough to point it out, first, so the world can then appreciate and celebrate with us.

Experience Adam’s Pillow Talk journey:


De-Colonizing Beauty
Family. Race. Identity. Self.
The Boy and Unconditional Love
Not a Victim. A Survivor.