I’m happy to introduce a new series of video chats bringing together 4-6 strangers for real, honest, heartfelt conversations. The first of its kind, Pillow Talk with Strangers will help us all not only rediscover the power of everyday intimate conversations but prove just how connected we all truly are.

When you think of pillow talk, what comes to mind? Is it cuddling with someone you want to love forever–or just one night? Is it something you consider powerful? Can it heal? Shift your mood for the better? Is it just with one person or can it be with a group of people?

I happen to believe it can be all of those things and none of those things. It can be in the casual shoulder brush of a stranger you strike up a conversation with on the subway or while you’re standing in line at the grocery store. It can be those couple of seconds you lock eyes with someone and reveal a smile or a nod, or it can be the unexpected friendship forged at an event with friends,  a gathering with family,  loved ones, or complete strangers.

If I’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s that we all want to be heard. To be really listened to. To encounter people willing to share their deepest thoughts and stories while granting us the safety of doing the same. All of this is really the desire to connect meaningfully with one another but also to reach a more intimate place within ourselves. A place where the healing, growing, living, and loving can begin.

About Pillow Talk with Strangers

And as a result, The Pillow Talk Project is staying true to the needs of its audience by delivering just that in Pillow Talk with Strangers, a series of intimate video chat discussions devoted to exploring current topics related to areas we care about, including but not limited to, beauty, masculinity, and/or male desire.

These intimate conversations will be:

–> capped at  6 participants per chat,  to ensure intimate feel

–> hosted weekly  for an hour and a half

–> open to all persons, whether you identify as male or not

–> a way to  connect with other Pillow Talkers  around the country

–> opportunities to  shape new research, projects, and ideas  that will inspire 1,000+ men and their communities

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In true Pillow Talk fashion, these intimate conversations will be loosely facilitated by me with the goal of pushing us Pillow Talkers to think more deeply about the topic we are discussing, while unearthing powerful stories and lived experiences that inspire us to stretch toward a higher goal of intimacy, empathy, and fearlessness. We’ll do this through taking many of the topics, interviews, and questions featured on The Pillow Talk Project, and using them to  question ourselves, each other, and society at-large.

Whether we initially know very little about each other or not, over the course of these intimate conversations, we will all be reminded of the power of connecting with those around us.

To participate, there is only one requirement: you must believe in and adhere to the following principles required for a life-changing, healing Pillow Talk experience:

All persons and embodiments are valued, treasured, and considered a necessary part of a full experience

Fearlessness looks differently for each person, therefore, we respect the varying levels demonstrated and, instead of judging, create safe spaces of exploration, critical inquiry, and expression

Everyone has a valuable story to tell and perspective to share, even when it may not align with our own understanding of the “world” we live in or it may not be something we agree with, but when in doubt, we revisit #1

Whether we initially know very little about each other or not, over the course of these intimate conversations, we will all be reminded of the power of connecting with those around us. And, where possible, the hope is that these very conversations will inspire new areas of research for Pillow Talk, new ideas of how we can better serve men–and those who love them–and reveal the powerful ways we can heal and feel, fearlessly.

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